Keep Yourself Inspired To Achieve Your Goals


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To be successful in pursuing towards your long-time goals requires a lot. You might be able to find courage, push yourself to work hard, stay dedicated and focused, keep an eye on your vision but how do you get inspired? Because in order to lead, you must inspire yourself first. Inspiration is what really gives you the means and the motivation to do better, be creative, grow closer to our goals, enlighten your mind and enhance your well-being.

As we’re all different then I would recommend to start by writing down all the things that always get you going in life. What makes you feel alive? What gives you the feeling of having superpowers? Maybe you’ll find something interesting from my list of top 5 things that always offer a lot of inspiration that I can turn to my advantage:

  1. Great movie
    Seeing a great movie gets me excited and makes me see things from a new perspective or just clearer. That’s actually where I got my inspiration for writing this article;
  2. Rock concert
    I started to enjoy rock after participating as a co-host in the music television show ‘Hoia ja Keela’ in Estonia and since then I just can not live without rock music. That always makes me forgot all worries, feel good and powerful. I just need it;
  3. Good musical
    As a former artist and performer I come from an entertainment industry and love all the feelings that a good musical and artists deliver;
  4. Boom Cycle class
    As a former master dancer/teacher I’ve always liked group trainings. I discovered the Boom Cycle class when nothing else seemed to help me get back in shape after my 1st pregnancy. But that class offers so much more — I‘m always feeling like a superwoman after that ‘party’ on a bike;
  5. Rally solo
    I won a car race once a long time ago but I can still remember the feelings that experience created and that lasted for quite some time. I’ve also liked different extreme sports — a great way how to relax and enjoy life.

So, don’t you forget to feed your mind daily with the good, powerful and positive. Motivating yourself can be hard sometimes but it’s the one thing that sets high achievers apart. Allow yourself to be inspired!


Written by Ines Karu-Salo, a creative visionary impact entrepreneur with 17+ years of experience in retail business. Since 2015 committed to building sustainable commerce, redesigning fashion industry & contributing to sustainable development. Co-founder of a sustainable fashion tech start-up, a fully circular kidswear rental marketplace The Rewear Company. Founder of a sustainable fashion brand KiRiVOO. One of 6 Top Sustainable Entrepreneurs 2022 (by Sustainable Lifestyle Magazine Sublime).



Ines Karu-Salo / Sustainable Fashion

Ines Karu-Salo @ineskarusalo is an visionary impact entrepreneur and sustainable lifestyle advocate. Founder of and Rewear.Company